About New 3D Technologies

Revolutionizing the way people view — and interact with — images.

New 3D Technologies (N3T) was born when its predecessor, Dimension Technologies Inc. (DTI), shifted toward commercial markets. We have a new name, but we’re still incredibly proud of where we came from.

DTI was nurtured in the Rochester Institute of Technology Venture Creations business incubator and grew to earn 50 research and development grants from several government agencies and commercial clients.

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In The Press

We have been featured in NASA’s technical publications including an article by Jesse Eichenlaub entitled: “SBIR Advanced Technologies in Aviation and Air Transportation System 2016.”

“It is fair to say that in this scenario and many others, the DTI glasses-free 3D display has the potential to save lives.”

“People who make mission-critical decisions and take actions based in large part on what they see on their liquid crystal displays (LCDs) will be able to see two-dimensional (2D) images like they always do, and will be able to see three dimensional (3D) images like never before—in full resolution, full brightness, without glasses or headsets. How will they be able to do this? With a next-generation autostereoscopic glasses-free 3D LCD commissioned by NASA through the SBIR program and designed and built by Dimension Technologies Inc. (DTI) of Rochester, New York.”

 “NASA’s interest in this project is primarily for improving commercial transport aircraft safety. However, based on extensive research and numerous field demonstrations, the DTI glasses-free 3D display will be of potential benefit in a number of high-value and/or high-volume applications for NASA, government, and commercial enterprises.”

In NASA’s case, it featured DTI technology in the publication that focuses on “high-quality, cutting-edge research that will lead to revolutionary concepts, technologies, and capabilities that will fundamentally change both the airspace system and the aircraft that fly within it.”

Research from NASA Langley Research Center and the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory shows 3D displays can improve pilot situational awareness by 18 percent! That’s a significant finding considering they must keep track of altitude, airspeed, flight path and other avionics information for extended periods.

Our technology can be used more broadly. We believe that DTI’s research and forward thinking will revolutionize the way people view – and interact with – images across numerous commercial markets including medical fields, training and simulation, engineering and design, remote operations and military applications.

N3T is now feeding a growing consumer market with technology that transforms flat-screen, LCD displays into 3D displays without the use of glasses, headsets or other eyewear.

NASA 3D tech

Our Team

N3T team photo

Pictured from left to right: Brian Bischoff, Jesse Eichenlaub, Brad Gouldthorpe, Tom Curtin

Our Team

Brad Gouldthorpe


Brad was hired as CEO for DTI in July, 2019. He now assumes the same role at New 3D Technologies.

Brad started his career as an engineer at Kodak and later worked in a number of business roles involved in identifying market opportunities and bringing successful digital photography products and services to market. After a stay with Xerox at an internal startup operation, he worked with startup and early stage customers in roles that involved marketing, sales, business development, president and CEO. Besides expertise with company startup, he is a distressed company turnaround specialist.

He earned a BS in Chemical Engineering from The University of Michigan and an MBA from the Ross School of Management at The University of Michigan.

Jesse B. Eichenlaub

Chief Science Officer

Jesse is the inventor of the technology and co-founder of the Company. 1986 to present Jesse is a recognized expert in the field of autostereoscopic 3D imaging. He continues to create a growing library of technical papers published on 3D and resolution enhancement in Society of Photo‑optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) and Society for Information Displays (SID) proceedings.

Tom Curtin

Director of Marketing Development

Tom is responsible for planning and implementing DTI go-to-market strategies to successfully commercialize and license DTI’s IP and knowhow in autostereoscopic (glasses-free) 3D/2D displays. In that capacity, he identifies market opportunities, key players, value propositions and marketing, sales and communications strategies.

Brian Bischoff


Brian has joined our team in 2021. He handles product logistics using his strong background in entrepreneurship, industrial engineering, mechanical design and manufacturing. Brian has recently exited from his advanced manufacturing company in Buffalo and sits on the board for the Buffalo Niagara Manufacturing Alliance.

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